Implementation of Reading Electronics of Silicone Photomultipliers on the Array Chip МН2ХА030

O. V. Dvornikov, V. A. Tchekhovski, N. N. Prokopenko, Ya. D. Galkin, A. V. Kunts, A. V. Bugakova


The implementation of a charge-sensitive amplifier (CSA) based on the МН2ХА030 array chip (AC) with an adjustable conversion factor for processing signals of silicone photomultipliers (SPM) is considered. The developed CSA, named ADPreampl3, contains a fast and slow signal circuit (SC). The fast SC includes a transresistive amplifier-shaper with a base-level adjustment circuit, and a slow SC includes an CSA, a shaper, and a base-level restorer (BLR) circuit. The main advantage of ADPreampl3 amplifier when used in multichannel integrated circuits is the minimum number of elements used, due to the use of the same stages to perform different functions. To correctly simulate the operation of ADPreampl3, taking into account the features of the input signal source, a simplified electrical equivalent circuit of the SPM, applicable to both circuit simulation and measurements, is proposed. Circuit simulation of ADPreampl3 using the proposed equivalent circuit of SPM with a supply voltage of ±3 V, made possible to establish that: fast SC is characterized by the bandwidth up to 60 MHz and allows adjusting the base level in the range from -0.1 V to 0.2 V. Thus, it is possible to compensate the technological variation of the output voltage of the fast SC or set the required switching threshold of the comparator connected to the output of the fast SC; slow SC allows you to adjust the base level in the range from -1 V to 1 V and smoothly change the amplitude of the output signal, including phase inversion, when the control voltage changes from -1 V to 1 V; the BLR circuit provides a constant shape of the output voltage pulse with a DC input current of ADPreampl3, varying in the range of ±190 μA, and a negligible change of the base level at ±20% of the resistance variation of integrated resistors. ADPreampl3 amplifier enables the transition to the ``sleep'' mode with a decrease in current consumption up to 10 μA, maintains operability at an absorbed dose of gamma radiation up to 500 krad and the effect of the integral neutron fluence up to 1013 n/cm2 and can be used in multi-channel signal processing chips of SPM.


readout electronics; array chip; charge-sensitive amplifier; silicone photomultiplier

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