Research of concomitant shock-vibration noise of a piezoelectric motor in the mode of micro and nano speed

S. F. Petrenko, A. V. Omelian, O. M. Lysenko, V. S. Antoniuk


This work is devoted to improvement of methods for controlling the speed of piezoelectric motors in the micro and nano-bands. Based on the physical principles of the piezoelectric motor, taking into account the specifics of control signals and feedback, investigated the shock-vibration effects for linear piezoelectric motor by quasirezonance type under different speed control modes in the range of 0,1 μm/s...10 mm/s. Proposed speed control algorithms, which ensured a decrease of 2...10 times the shock-vibration effect in comparison with pulse-width modulation. It is established that in the speed microwave range the most effective are combined algorithms that combine as elements of continuous control by frequency response scanning for engine, and pulse – by internal modulation of excitation frequency. The paper shows that the most effective control in nano-band is frequency control with a fixed duration of control pulse – a nanocorrect engine. The obtained results allow to provide a control range of speed (5 orders) for linear piezoelectric motor taking into account it`s operating conditions in a micromanipulation system, as well as provide opportunities for use linear piezoelectric motors of quasi-resonance type in robotic and manipulation systems in micro and nano-range and further improvement in terms of miniaturization and increased accuracy.


piezoelectric motor; velocity; vibration; micron; nano-range

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