Modulation transfer function of the thermal imaging monocular

V. H. Kolobrodov


The modulation transfer function (MTF) of thermal imaging monocular (TIM) was investigated in this article. TIM consists of a lens, a microbolometric matrix (MBM), an electronic system of video signal amplification and processing, a micro display and an eyepiece. The monocular is considered as a linear invariant incoherent system. It’s MTF is equal to the product of the modulation transfer functions of the components. For the convenience of practical application, it is proposed that all MTFs are considered as a function of the angular spatial frequency in the space of objects. An example of TIM MTF calculation with given characteristics was considered. The study of the MTF showed that the spatial impact of the MBM, which is determined by matrix structure, has the greatest influence on the deterioration of this function.


thermal imaging monocular; modulation transfer function; angular spatial frequency

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