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RADAP is a refereed non-profit both paper and electronic journal operated by the following people (all from the Radioengineering Faculty of Igor Sikorskiy Kyiv Politechnic Institute).

Our journal is an open access which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution in accordance with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. In spite of being open access, the journal does not charge authors for publication.


Table of Contents

Electrodynamics. Microwave devices. Antennas

Method of Measuring Effective Dielectric Permittivity of Partially Filled Waveguides Using a Mismatched T-Bridge PDF
N. M. Karashchuk, V. P. Manoilov, О. L. Sidorchuk, S. M. Tarasenko, V. V. Chukhov 6-12

Telecommunication, navigation and radar systems, electroacoustics

Efficient QPSK signal demodulation in channels with unfavorable conditions of radio reception PDF (Українська)
O. S. Kruhlyk, O. Ya. Kaliuzhnyi, V. Yu. Semenov 13-18
Experimental Evaluation of Multiple Channel SDR Signal Receivers Effectiveness PDF (Українська)
O. M. Romanov, V. Yu. Kotiubin 19-26
Generalized Energy Detector with Iterative Processing of Narrowband Signals in Frequency Domain PDF (Українська)
M. V. Buhaiov 27-35
Channel frequency response estimation method based on pilot’s filtration and extrapolation PDF (Русский)
A. Yu. Myronchuk, O. O. Shpylka, S. Ya. Zhuk 36-42

Designing of Radio Equipment

Dust Mask with a Pressure Drop Measuring Device PDF (Українська)
S. I. Cheberiachko, Yu. І. Cheberiachko, O. V. Deriuhin, D. V. Slavinskyi 43-51

Radioelectronics Medical Technologies

Frequency Dependences of the Rhinological Parameters of Electrical Bioimpedance in the Area of the Paranasal and Nasal Sinuses PDF (Українська)
O. B. Sharpan, V. S. Mosiychuk 52-59

Functional Electronics. Micro- and Nanoelectronic Technology

Implementation of Reading Electronics of Silicone Photomultipliers on the Array Chip МН2ХА030 PDF
O. V. Dvornikov, V. A. Tchekhovski, N. N. Prokopenko, Ya. D. Galkin, A. V. Kunts, A. V. Bugakova 60-66
Research of concomitant shock-vibration noise of a piezoelectric motor in the mode of micro and nano speed PDF (Українська)
S. F. Petrenko, A. V. Omelian, O. M. Lysenko, V. S. Antoniuk 67-73

Computing methods in radio electronics

Modulation transfer function of the thermal imaging monocular PDF
V. H. Kolobrodov 74-78