Algorithm for motion artifacts removal from the ensemble of pulse waves


  • M. A. Sveredyuk Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, Ternopil, Ukraine



pulse wave, photoplethysmographic signal, ensemble, averaging, artifacts


Introduction. In this paper we propose an artifact removal algorithm (motion artifacts) from the ensemble of pulse waves of photoplethysmographic signal. Research results. The motion artifact is removed by using the extremes detection algorithm for photoplethysmographic signals and presenting it in the phase space. To test the artifacts removal algorithm the relative error of the amplitude of the direct wave was analyzed. The average relative error for the proposed algorithm, in comparison with manual removal of artifacts equals 0.71% (without removing of artifacts – 2.84%). Conclusions. The algorithm allows to evaluate the morphological parameters of the pulse wave with the motion artifacts (with higher accuracy). The developed algorithm is suitable for automatic analysis of photoplethysmographic signals and can be used in clinical and scientific research programs.

Author Biography

M. A. Sveredyuk, Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, Ternopil

Sveredyuk M. A.





Computing methods in radio electronics