System for measuring electric resistance skin


  • V. P. Kutsenko Donetsk National Technical University, Krasnoarmiisk, Ukraine
  • A. P. Yanenko National Technical University of Ukraine, Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
  • S. V. Udovychenko Tsentralna raionna likarnia, Kostiantynivka, Ukraine



electrodermal resistance measurements, acupressure points, modeling, radiometric method


Introduction. To measure the electrical resistance of leather frequently used system for applying testing signals from external current sources or voltage. Power testing signals the maximum limit, when they Electro studies still have a negative impact on the human body. Formulation of the problem. To achieve this task the authors conducted research and developed a system, which is based to measure electrical skin resistance (ESR) responsible allocation and measurement noise variance bioelectric signal is proportional to the resistance area of research. Main body. The paper studied and developed a system, based on measuring electrical skin resistance on the identification and measurement of the noise variance from the BAP bioelectric signal that is proportional to the resistance of the investigation. A functional block diagram of an automated algorithm for converting the useful and noise signal BAP, whose range does not differ fundamentally from those of the intrinsic noise of the input elements in ESR. The proposed method will improve the accuracy of the measurements ESR without the use of test pacing signal. The simulation results and experimental studies correlate that confirms the adequacy of this method the results of experimental measurements. Conclusions. For noise voltage BAT can measure their electrical resistance without signals tested, external sources of electric current or voltage and thereby completely eliminate the harmful effect of probing. Thanks to one of the Inverting periodic noise voltages multiplied and simultaneous detection variable component switching frequency, provided the allocation and measurement noise voltage acupuncture points, which is proportional to the resistance, and the intensity of the same order or less than the intrinsic noise of the measuring system. Use as medical acupuncture needle electrodes allows to measure not only the skin but also deep resistivity, which reflects the physiological state of internal organs and tissues. The introduction of computer processing allows to analyze not only data on absolute or relative value measured ESHO, but also show the deviation from the established norm.

Author Biographies

V. P. Kutsenko, Donetsk National Technical University, Krasnoarmiisk

Kutsenko V. P.,

A. P. Yanenko, National Technical University of Ukraine, Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Kiev

Yanenko A. P.

S. V. Udovychenko, Tsentralna raionna likarnia, Kostiantynivka

Udovychenko S. V.





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