Low cost low phase noise PLL controlled push-push VCOs in K- and Ka- bands, stabilized by cavity resonator


  • I. S. Tsvelykh ALTEN GmbH, Munich, Germany
  • B. A. Kotserzhynskyi National Technical University of Ukraine, Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine




low phase noise oscillator, push-push oscillator, push-push oscillator with third harmonic output, voltage controlled oscillator, cavity stablow phase noise oscillator, push-push oscillator with thilized oscillator, PLL synthesizer


This work demonstrates push-push VCOs in K-band (with second harmonic output at 24 GHz) and in Ka-band (with third harmonic output at 36 GHz), and PLL synthesizers on their basis. Oscillators are stabilized by a rectangular resonant metallic cavity. Output signal power within the frequency tuning range changes in the limits of −11,5 - −7,6 dBm and −11,8 - −10,9 dBm for 24 GHz and 36 GHz oscillators respectively. Single sideband (SSB) phase noise spectral densities of –91 dBc/Hz for 24 GHz oscillator and –87,4 dBc/Hz for 36 GHz oscillator at 10 kHz offset from the carrier frequency are at the level of dielectric resonator oscillators (DRO) scaled to the same frequency. The oscillators feature a compact size, low cost quazi-planar design and are built using commercially available off-the-shelf parts.

Author Biographies

I. S. Tsvelykh, ALTEN GmbH, Munich

Tsvelykh I. S.

B. A. Kotserzhynskyi, National Technical University of Ukraine, Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Kiev

Kotserzhynskyi B. O.






Electrodynamics. Microwave devices. Antennas