Optimization of Exactness of Direct Digital Correlation-Interferometer Direction-finder with Double Сorrelation Processing


  • V. V. Tsyporenko Zhytomyr State Technological University, Zhytomyr, Ukraine




optimization, direct digital method of correlation-interferometric direction-finding, double correlation processing


Introduction. In this paper considered unsolved part of general issue of research of direct digital methods of correlation-interferometer radio direction-finding. The purpose of the article is optimization of exactness of direct digital correlation-interferometer direction-finder with double сorrelation processing. Fundamentals of researches. As a result of the conducted researches was defined that the basic parameter of equalization of dispersion of error of estimation of direction on the source of radio radiation for the direct digital correlation-interferometric direction-finder with double correlation processing, which it is expedient to optimize, there is the size of frequency converting change. Optimization. It was conducted parametrical optimization of the explored direction-finder for the selective model of frequency change. As a result of design was obtained dependence of middle deviation of estimation of direction from the relation of signal/noise at the action of normal gaussian noise for the different possible values of circular frequency converting shift. Conclusions. Analytical calculations and results of design coincided fully, that confirmed the rightness of the conducted researches and authenticity of results of optimization.

Author Biography

V. V. Tsyporenko, Zhytomyr State Technological University, Zhytomyr

Tsyporenko V. V.





Telecommunication, navigation and radar systems, electroacoustics