Professional training for Internet of Things technology


  • S. B. Mohylnyi National Technical University of Ukraine, Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine



IoT, Internet of Things, professional training, training courses, Raspberry Pi, microcomputer


Introduction. Proposed concept for training "Internet of Things" technology within the framework of the speciality "Telecommunications and Radio Engineering". It is given a practice of organization and sequencing courses for students, which allows to teach them to design an entire system using Internet of Things. Main part. Internet of Things technologies require a wide range of knowledge and skills, it's building a unified data collection, their processing and forming control signals to the feedback circuit. Only single-step study with practical application allows you to learn to build such a system. Programming languages for IoT technology is a tool that lets you collaborate sensors with basic microcomputers, perform data processing for cloud services, work control signals. At each stage of construction IoT systems can be used in various programming languages, but preference should be given to those who support open operating systems. Conclusions. The feature of such course sequence is its practical-value content and its final result orientation.

Author Biography

S. B. Mohylnyi, National Technical University of Ukraine, Kyiv Politechnic Institute, Kiev

Mohylnyi S. B.





Telecommunication, navigation and radar systems, electroacoustics