Conditions of existence and classification of the feedback in electronic circuits


  • V. D. Stashuk University "Ukraine", Ukraine



electronic circuit, the feedback, the dependent source, circuit function, equivalent circuit


The article analyzes the state of matter on existence and classification of feedback in electronic circuits. It is shown that the presence of dependent sources is necessary but it is not sufficient condition for the feedback implementation. As a criterion for the existence of feedback in electronic circuit it is proposed to consider the possibility of instability changing the circuit parameters and changing the direction of dependent sources, as well as the feedbacks affect on the circuit functions. To determine the type of feedback in electronic circuits it's necessary to analyze its influence on all functions of the circuit - the input and transmission characteristicsdescribing the input and output mode by both voltage and current.

Author Biography

V. D. Stashuk, University "Ukraine"

Stashuk V.D., Cand. of Sci (Techn), Assoc. Prof.





Radio Circuits and Signals