DOI: https://doi.org/10.20535/RADAP.2019.76

Table of Contents

Radio Circuits and Signals

Investigation of energy processes in circuits of oscillatory charge of supercapacitors PDF
O. O. Biletskyi, V. I. Kotovskyi 5-14

Telecommunication, navigation and radar systems, electroacoustics

Detection Small Aircraft by Acoustic Radiation PDF (Українська)
S. O. Kozeruk, O. V. Korzhyk 15-20
Using of Residual Number System as a Mathematical Basis for Software Defined Radio PDF
O. I. Polikarovskykh, L. O. Kovtun, L. V. Karpova, I. V. Hula, V. M. Melnychuk 21-28

Theory and Practice of Radio Measurements

Frequency Instability Measurement Device Based on the Pulse Coincidence Principle PDF
A. I. Verveyko, I. M. Lappo, P. L. Arkushenko, S. I. Yusukhno 29-36
Simulation modeling of the digital quadrature receiver of the nuclear quadrupole resonance signals PDF (Українська)
A. P. Samila, O. V. Hres, V. B. Rusyn, H. M. Rozorinov, O. H. Arkhiiereieva 37-43
Remote temperature radiometric identification of liquids PDF (Русский)
A. V. Pavlyuchenko, P. P. Loshitskyi 44-57
Broadband p-i-n diode switch in the 8-mm wave region with low losses for Dicke radiometer PDF (Русский)
Yu. O. Khokhanovska, M. Y. Omelianenko 58-62

Radioelectronics Medical Technologies

Signal transducer of functionally integrated thermomagnetic sensors PDF (Українська)
G. I. Barylo, O. V. Boyko, R. L. Holyaka, T. A. Marusenkova, I. N. Prudyus, S. E. Fabirovskyy 63-71

Information Security

Analysis of chi-squared divergence changes by filtering of stego images formed according to UNIWARD embedding methods PDF
D. O. Progonov 72-76