DOI: https://doi.org/10.20535/RADAP.2019.77

Table of Contents

Radio Circuits and Signals

Methods of multidimensional signal processing under toroidal coordinate systems PDF (Українська)
V. V. Riznyk 5-12
Design, modeling and research of the new non-autonomous chaotic generator PDF
V. B. Rusyn, I. Pavlyukevich, L. Pribylova, H. Ch. Skiadas 13-16
The Analysis of Energy Transition Processes in Boost Converter PDF
V. V. Martynyuk, V. D. Kosenkov, O. V. Geydarova, M. V. Fedula 17-29
Microwave Three-Dimensional Capacitive Stubs PDF (Українська)
S. H. Pervak, Ya. L. Zinher, Yu. F. Adamenko, V. O. Adamenko, E. A. Nelin 30-35

Electrodynamics. Microwave devices. Antennas

Study of Integrated Antennas-Filters on Dielectric Resonators PDF
A. A. Trubin 36-41

Telecommunication, navigation and radar systems, electroacoustics

Issues of Improving the Noise Immunity of GPS/INS Aircraft Navigation Systems PDF (Русский)
R. N. Abdulov, H. H. Asadov 42-46
Algorithm for the selection of error-correcting codes for the operation of radio communication systems in the shortwave range PDF (Українська)
O. F. Dubyna, T. N. Nikitchuk, I. H. Kotsiuba 47-52
Geophone Equivalent Circuit for Simulation Tasks in SPICE Packages PDF
I. O. Sushko, Ye. V. Vistyzenko, A. V. Movchanyuk, R. V. Antypenko, A. V. Serha 53-59
Parameter Evaluation of Filters for Formation the Plane Wave Front in Radiolocation Stations with Synthesized Aperture PDF (Українська)
O. O. Sliusarchuk 60-65

Radioelectronics Medical Technologies

Imitation Modeling of the Daily Pulse Signal for Long-Term Monitoring Systems PDF (Українська)
L. V. Hvostivska, H. M. Oksukhivska, M. O. Hvostivskyy, H. M. Shadrina 66-73