DOI: https://doi.org/10.20535/RADAP.2018.75

Table of Contents

Electrodynamics. Microwave devices. Antennas

The measurement of the p-i-n diodes` parameters in the fin-line in the millimeter wave region PDF (Русский)
Yu. O. Khokhanovska, M. Yu. Omelianenko 5-8
Transmission of Harmonic Signals Through a Wire Media PDF (Українська)
D. A. Vovchuk, P. F. Robulets 9-15
Evaluating Cramer-Rao Bound for Conformal Antenna Arrays with Directional Emitters for Doa-Estimation PDF (Русский)
Yu. B. Nechaev, I. V. Peshkov, N. A. Fortunova 16-24

Telecommunication, navigation and radar systems, electroacoustics

Time factor in critical modes of radio electronic system functioning PDF (Українська)
V. O. Bychkovskyi, Yu. Yu. Reutska, V. O. Chmelov 25-32
The Method for Time Calculation of Information Taking in the Aperture Synthesis Radar Station PDF (Українська)
O. O. Sliusarchuk 33-39

Theory and Practice of Radio Measurements

Polynomial parameter estimation of exponential power distribution data PDF (Українська)
S. V. Zabolotnii, A. V. Chepynoha, Yu. Yu. Bondarenko, M. P. Rud 40-47

Designing of Radio Equipment

Radioelectronic Apparatus Design with Optimal Reliability Indicators PDF (Українська)
B. M. Uvarov, A. V. Nikitchuk 48-53

Information Security

Analysis of alteration the chi-squared divergence for pixels brightness distributions by cover and stego images filtering PDF (Українська)
D. O. Progonov 54-60

Computing methods in radio electronics

Control of the modified chaotic Chua's circuit using threshold method PDF
V. B. Rusyn, L. Pribylova, D. -G. Dimitriu 61-65